Cloths: ABC


Cloths are knitted as never before, at least for two reasons:

  1. We want to give our little contribution to prevent to much Micro plastic  in our environment.
  2. It is a small piece of knitting, where everybody who can knit an purl, can join.

The purpose of the ABC of Cloths is to add an extra bullet on this list.

  • To try to practice new knitting challenges, perhaps with room for an error or two. It is nothing but a cloth.

Based on you mood, the cloths can be used for many purposes. Some people will perhaps use the cloths with hole patterns as facecloth and the more solid once as kitchen cloth. But also hole patterns is can be used a lot – cotton is quite hard to break.  If it should happen, you can just make a new one and try yet another pattern.


  • Patterns for the first five cloths: Abbild, Braris, Cimbria, Dule og Elhem, with an increasing complexity
  • Patterns are described by words and diagrams, you just choose what you prefer.
  • Stich guide (E.g. what does 2rsm mean, and how do I knit this)
  • Tips and tricks for example for the situation: HELP  I have made a mistake – what to do now???

The pattern can be downloaded here


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