A combination of traditional Nordic knitting and soft Merino from Lang has inspired me to design this sweater for a preschool girl.

The sweater is in a rather loose fit, just for snuggling in, on a cold day. If you want a slimmer fit, choose a smaller size and change the length as desired.

The easiest way to knit stranded colourwork is to use circular needles and for attached sleeves the most used way is to cut the opening for the sleeves and secure the yarn by making stiches on a sewing machine or by crocheting the edges. But I find this will always look a bit ´bumpy´ especially in small sizes. To avoid this, I have chosen to knit back and forth on the top part, even though this costs some extra work.

The sleeves are knitted from the yokes to the wrists. This gives to advantages:

It makes a smoother seam at the yokes and it is easy to adjust the length of the sleeves or replace the rib if needed.

Pattern can be downloaded from  Ravelry:  Abbakorra