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A double-knittet baby blanket with marching elephants has been on my to-do list for a while, but I had to find the right yarn, before I could start. I has to be ’round’ ro make sure the pictures of the elephants would be clear. It also had to be nice and soft and ok to put in the washing machine. And one of the colours should be jungle-green. .

On the knitting festival on Fanø I found G-uld ( and their Merino 80/20 in the colour indigo/heather. It is a beautiful plant-coloured yarn with flecks. The jungle is not single-coloured! The other colour is natural white. There was some waste-colour in the green yarn (clearly marked on the yarn), and because of this, it ended up with the white colour became very light green while I was knitting. That turned out to be very nice-looking.

I won’t give you any pattern this time. If you have not tried double knitting before, I suggest you knit the potholders from my last post. After this you just have to decide how big you want the blanket, how you want the edges (look at different options on the pattern for the potholders) and find the motive(s) you want on the carpet. Then you should knit a sample and use this to calculate how many sticks and motives you need on each row.

If this is totally impossible to understand, just tell me, and I will make a more detailed description/pattern.

Estuary – going light


In Edinburgh I found an inspiring small yarn shop with yarns made of a lot of different fibres. From Japan came this yarn fra Habu. It is very soft and yet strong – and is perfect for knitting shawls as thin as cobweb.

The yarn is made of 68% mohair and 32% nylon with a yardage of 285 in a shein for 14 gram.

I have knitted a delicate shawl, using a pattern ment for a much heavier yarn. It is interesting to see how two different types of yarn can give  completly different results.

The pattern is called Esturia, is from Tincanknits  and you can find it on Ravelry.



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