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Double Knitting – my new favorit


Double knitting is my new favorit (or at least one of them).

To be able to knit to frontsides , without thinking about flotations to be able to knit exactly the pattern you like.

Potholdes in different difficulties is my first suggestion for doubleknitting. Perhaps you would like to try one of them.

This is a basic recipe with options.

If you have not tried double knit before and like to experiment, I recommend that you first look at the sections about different ways of casting on and off and knitting edge stiches and perhaps needs some samples to chooser the look and feel, you want for you tholders

You can download it from Ravelry



A combination of a classic Nordic wheel pattern and Tern, a delicious yarn 75% wool and 25% silk) from Quince & Co is the inspiration for this sweater for a small girl og boy

You can download the pattern¬† here¬†it is free. I’ll be happy if you’ll leave a message, to let me know a bit about who downloads my pattern :->

Bitorn English Pattern